Alan Campbell

Alan CampbellPhD Candidate

Alan joined the Russell group in August, 2013 as a biomedical engineering graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University working in collaboration with the Mohammad Islam research group in Materials Science and Engineering. His previous education was completed at West Virginia University, receiving a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering. He is currently investigating the potential of carbon-nanotube based supports as well as conductive polymer systems grown via ATRP as electrode materials for enzyme-based biofuel cells. Carbon nanotube-based materials can provide conductive supports with high surface area and close communication with the active sites of redox enzymes for more efficient active enzyme loading and electron transport. Conductive polymer-enzyme hybrids formed using ATRP can serve to enhance electrical connectivity with electrode surfaces while simultaneously enhancing enzyme stability. In the future, he hopes to apply these systems to the development of the next generation of biofuel powered devices.

Project Title: Carbon Nanotube- and ATRP Synthesized Polymer-Based Systems for the Development of Enzyme-Based Biofuel Cells and Biosensors

Discovery at the rich interface of chemistry, biology, and material science to incorporate
biological molecules and polymers for the creation of multifunctional materials.