Stefanie Baker

Stefanie BakerPh.D. Student

Stephanie is from Milton-Freewater, OR and received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a focus on bio-processes from Oregon State University in 2014. She is now a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering investigating structure-function-architecture relationships of grafted-from protein-polymer conjugates. The goal of Stephanie’s work is to determine how a given polymer's physicochemical properties affects the resulting function of the protein. These types of relationships will guide future designs of protein-polymer conjugates with maintained levels of activity and stability. She is interested in creating specially designed conjugates that can survive in extreme conditions that would typically denature proteins including high/low pH, high temperatures, and organic solvents/ionic liquids. Outside of lab, Stephanie enjoys playing intramural sports (volleyball and softball) and volunteering as a dog walker at Pittsburgh's Humane Animal Rescue.

Discovery at the rich interface of chemistry, biology, and material science to incorporate
biological molecules and polymers for the creation of multifunctional materials.