Russell Laboratory Patents

J. Huang, A.J. Russell, N.V. Tsarevsky and K. Matyjaszewski. Modification of Surfaces with Polymers, US Patent 8349410, (2013

R.R. Koepsel, G. Amitai, A.J. Russell and H. Murata. Decontamination of Chemical and Biological Agents, US Patent Application 13/406,508, (2012)

A.J. Russell and S.B. Lee. End-to-End Joining of Nanotubes, US Patent 8012278, (2011)

W.J. Federspiel, A.J. Russell, H.I. Oh and J.L. Kaar. Carbon Dioxide Removal from eg Blood using Membrane and Immobilized Carbonic Anhydrase; Artificial Lung for Example, US Patent 7763097, (2010)

A.J. Russell, R.R. Koepsel and S.B. Lee. Self assembled nanostructures and methods for preparing the same, US Patent 7666911, (2010)

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Discovery at the rich interface of chemistry, biology, and material science to incorporate
biological molecules and polymers for the creation of multifunctional materials.